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Web Development is a process of developing a website of one or more web pages for the internet or an intranet. Leads Tech allows their customers the luxury to have custom designed, high quality websites that are destined to enhance their corporate image, customer service and online functionality.



Our web development services range from developing Static Websites, which comprise of plain text, to the more complex Dynamic Websites. We offer our services in web designing and development of web software, which include developing web applications, Content Management Systems (CMS) and eCommerce solutions. We use a number of latest web technologies for web development.




Leads Tech promises to provide their clients with logical and easy-to-navigate web solutions that will comply with their demands and provide them with a user-friendly interface to interact with their customers, thus, enhancing their company’s growth.
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For a complete showcase of our developed websites, please visit the ‘Portfolio’ section of our website. Furthermore, request a quote to hire a Web Developer.

LeadsTech has once again provided a great job in the project. As always. I think they play fair and work fair so you must go for it.

Tommy K


Leads Tech has provided an excellent & highly professional work with commitment. I now consider them as my reliable technical friends.

Caco Portela