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An Award Winning Software based on Next Generation Technology

LeadsTech & Orange – mediatracker is based on next generation technology that allows users to automatically monitor and analyze live broadcast content (advertisements) in real-time from TV Channels, and generates analytical reports based on those detections. System works on the SAAS (Software as a Service) based model, where end-user can exploit functionalities of the system over the web and mobile. The system offers unrivaled depth and breadth of coverage across electronic media and monitors number of Broadcast Channels simultaneously without compromising performance, resulting in accurate information.

Why Choose Orange – mediatracker?

Orange – mediatracker is an intelligent answer to prevalent media monitoring solutions. Currently, most of the media monitoring is done manually using conventional methods, which rely heavily on data archiving and extensive human resources. Moreover, the manual system of monitoring media is error prone.

Orange – mediatracker has been engineered to match and search content of interest using our in-house developed “fingerprint” technology that keeps track of desired spots more accurately. It has been designed to allow the users the ease of generating desired reports in a matter of clicks.

The product has been designed for multiple verticals that need real-time data analysis of airtime on TV and radio. It includes Multi-National Organizations investing heavily on broadcast advertisements, Advertising Agencies, Media Houses , Brand Outreach and PR Organizations.

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Leads Tech Orange – mediatracker is a TV and Radio Broadcast Media Monitoring Solution and have following main features and more to come.

Real Time Broadcast Monitoring

24×7 real time automated broadcast monitoring and detection of advertisements from top rated TV channels.

Accurate Reporting

Generates precise, insightful and well-presented reports in real-time, with accuracy of over 90%, further assured by our quality process.

Data Visualizations and Charts

Transforms myriad of data to clickable interactive charts, graphs and trending data visualizations with preset and custom filters.

Web and Mobile Friendly Interface

Comes with web and mobile interface, hence can be accessed on any device via any internet browser.

Multi-Format Data Export

Allows export of charts and tables in various formats such as pdf, csv, png, jpeg and svg vector image.

Proof of Transmission

Proof of transmission of the actual advertisement available with the reports as click and play.